What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin condition which causes inflammation and sensitivity in the skin. Over the years in our industry, we have learned more and more about the causes of this condition and how to treat it. With our Corneotherapy approach, we have had some amazing results with our clients, helping them to understand the triggers and how to maintain a calm strong skin barrier.

 For those not familiar with Dermaviduals, it is a Corneotherapy based product that we use throughout all of our facial treatments. In fact, Dermaviduals is the only skincare we choose to have in our salon, that’s how much we believe in it. Every aspect from your treatment, through to your home care is tailor made. The customised cleansers, serums and moisturisers mean we can target every skin type and concern.

The symptoms for Rosacea start off quite mild. Redness will typically appear on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. As the condition progresses, symptoms usually worsen. Redness will become more prominent and depending on the type of Rosacea, pustules or papules may develop. Rosacea can be very red and sore and will continue to get worse if left untreated. There is no quick fix for Rosacea and our aim at Talking Beauty is to provide relief and a long-term solution for your condition.

 Genetics and environmental stresses are big causes for Rosacea and there are many aggravating factors that can lead to a ‘flare up’. Being aware of your triggers can help you to manage your Rosacea. Such factors include heat, spicy foods, UV exposure, perfumes, alcohol, digestive disorders, vitamin deficiencies and lack of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) and lack of sleep.

 Using Dermaviduals as our tools, we can provide calming treatments for the skin to give you instant relief. Our gentle approach, using products and masks specifically for reducing inflammation, work wonders for Rosacea. As part of our in-salon treatments, we will often use LED, this is a wonderful way to treat the skin and provides incredible results for Rosacea.

 For your home care we will send you home with the most wonderful cleanser which provides instant relief the moment it touches your skin and a moisturiser free of perfumes and nasties but full of the correct lipids that your impaired barrier needs. Dermaviduals LCP serum is going to be your ‘hero.’ It helps to take the heat out by reducing the inflammation in the skin cells. Every skin is different and there are different types of Rosacea as well. So always make sure you book in with one of Talking Beauty’s skincare professionals to analyse your condition and give you the best advice and skincare out there!