The Importance of Cleansing, morning and night!

After last week’s Blog on regular facials, I wanted to talk about the benefits of cleansing at home. We are often asked if it is necessary to cleanse morning and night. Let me tell you, it is, so important! If you’re not already doing this then I want you to take the “Cleansing Challenge”! This week, I want you to cleanse every morning and every night. By the end of the week I’m expecting you will see some lovely improvements.

Most people will cleanse at night time. If you wear makeup, your wanting to sleep in clean skin. If you’re not removing your makeup at the end of the day, I would really be questioning why. It’s not only the makeup that you are washing away, any leftover moisturiser and sunscreen is still sitting there too, along with the dead skin, dirt, pollution and oil that have made for a wonderful build up as the day has gone on. It feels good to cleanse and remove those layers right!? We then continue with our night time routine of serums and moisturisers before we go to bed, fantastic! When we wake up in the morning, our skin looks fresh and rejuvenated.

If you’re thinking that at this point, cleansing in the morning couldn’t possibly improve the skin anymore, then think again. At night time, while we sleep, our skin does a lot of work. Those cells are in overdrive doing their thing. The products we have put on the night before have all penetrated into the cells and performed their job too. But there are now new layers of dead skin, oil and dirt sitting on that surface. We need to remove them before putting on more moisturiser, makeup or sunscreen. When you cleanse in the morning after your cleansing ritual at night, your skin will feel soft, supple and have a wonderful glow. Your daytime serums and moisturisers can work effectively and your makeup will go on much more smoothly as you have primed the skin properly.

It makes sense when you think about it. We put on the layers and take off the layers. If you leave on the layers and then put on more layers, what is happening to those skin cells underneath the layers?