The Importance of Regular Facials

Our number one passion at Talking Beauty is Skin. We love our facials, our biggest satisfactions is seeing a client walk out the door, knowing we have made a difference. Not only to their skin but also their wellbeing.

Regular facials are so important for maintaining your optimum skin health. There are so many benefits. Facials provide instant results and we are here to help you, to be the best version of you.

Not only do they have your skin glowing when you leave the salon, but they improve the efficiency of your products at home. They improve circulation to optimize cellular health and promote collagen production.

Regular facials can target minor concerns like redness, irritation, puffiness, lack luster and more serious skin conditions like Rosacea, Acne, Dermatitis as well as preventing premature ageing and smoothing those fine lines.

We all love the result that we see after a facial, right? In order to prolong that beautiful complexion then it must be maintained. You wouldn’t just wash the car once and expect it to stay clean and shiny after driving it around in the elements for a month, would you? Think of our skin a bit like that car, it’s our largest organ of the body, covering all the important things on the inside. It has the biggest job of all! We should be giving it the attention it deserves.

Your skin is constantly changing, there are the environments to consider, weather, diet, stress. What is happening with your skin right now, isn’t necessarily what’s going to be happening with it a few weeks down the track. That’s where we can help. We know that things won’t stay the same with skin, and that’s why regular facial treatments are so important. When the skin changes, the treatments we provide and your home care will often need to change a bit too. If you have noticed a change in your skin, then come and have a chat with us. We would love to help.

We also offer Advanced Skin Analysis with state of the art, diagnostic tools which can analyse your skin on a cellular level.

At Talking Beauty we provide customisation from start to finish. We are all expertly trained to consult and diagnose your concerns. Each facial is specifically tailor made once we have talked to you about your concerns and gone through our skin analysis. We will then choose from our Dermaviduals products, a scientifically proven and professional skincare system which allows us to design and successfully treat skin conditions of every kind. After a thorough cleanse of the skin we will decide if your skin needs exfoliation, hydration, maybe some LED to calm down redness, target blemishes or give you an all over boost. Each treatment will differ depending on your skins changing needs. And if your after relaxation, well, you have come to the right place. Each facial will have you whisked into dreamland as we incorporate massage of the face, neck, shoulders, arms or feet. Massage isn’t just for incredible relaxation, but also for lymph drainage, promoting circulation, reducing puffiness and smoothing fine lines.

It’s time to stop guessing what skin type you are, let us provide a hands on analysis and provide you with the specifics. You can start maintaining your optimum skin health today!