What Does The Future Hold For Your Skin?



If you have ever been curious as to what is happening in those deeper layers of the skin, then keep reading!

 At Talking Beauty we offer An Advanced Skin Analysis using a state of the art tool that will photograph and analyse your skin at a cellular level.

 All skin conditions originate from the deeper layers of the skin and sometimes, are not easily diagnosed with the human eye. Our OBSERV520 machine takes five high definition photos using powerful polarization and illumination technologies to give us a closer look. Visible patterns and colours appear within the photos that we therapist can then use to identify the condition of the skin. It’s really fascinating!

 The Advanced Skin Analysis is a tool we can use on everyone. Even if your pretty happy with your skin, it’s a good way for us to take a closer look and prevent issues in the future.

 The photos are taken at the beginning of your facial session and we will proceed with a thorough consultation and discussion about what we can see. We will ask you to come into the salon with a cleansed clean skin, no moisturizer, so we can get an honest look at those skin cells. Once we have had a look, we can then come up with a structured plan of care for in salon and at home.

 Each photo will give us a true indication of your skins oil flow, structural integrity,

sun damage, we can have a closer look at those inflammations and skin conditions such as Rosacea and Dermatitis. We can pinpoint loss of collagen; wrinkle formation and we can see clearly if there is an impaired acid mantle or even if you have an essential fatty acid deficiency.

 At this time of year as the weather becomes colder, our skin changes and it’s a good time for us to have a closer look at your skin, we can then revise your products so you’re getting the best out of your homecare. With the use of the OBSERV we can monitor how your skin changes throughout the year and help to keep things on track.